Study Group: Social Protection & Labour Migration

Organiser: Gijsbert Vonk, University of Groningen

5 September 2019, 09:30–11:00
Room: 2302.U1.24

Low skilled labour immigration to Japan: A labour market necessity and a social protection challenge
Chizuko Hayakawa, Saga University

Asylum seekers and refugees: Access to the labour market or social security?
Viola Bex, University of Groningen

New universalism in European social security: Can it be reconciled with migration?
Barbara Brink, University of Groningen

Repressive welfare policies, xenophobia and racial bias: Reality of conspiracy theory?
Valery Gantchev, University of Groningen

Social assistance also for foreigners: A human rights question for South Africa and Germany
Eddie Bambrough, University of Groningen