Workshop: Social media and online tools for engagement, visibility, and interaction

Chair: Ilaria Armaroli
Organiser: John Budd, University of Minnesota


  • Melanie Simms, University of Glasgow
  • John Budd, University of Minnesota
  • Kurt Vandaele, European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)

The workshop discusses different ways in which IR academics (and others) can
use social media and online tools in our own work. Contributions and questions
from the audience are welcomed.

Panelists will start the discussing by demonstrating one or more social media tools and describing some applications in their own work, including engagement with other scholars and those outside of the academy. This would include an indication of some of the benefits and costs of using social media. Then we would welcome contributions and questions from the audience.

The overall objective is to help audience members envision ways in which they could possibly use social media in their own work while understanding the benefits and costs.

Social media tools that would be discussed include Twitter, Facebook, ResearchGate, and blogging. Note that the current proposal has four panelists. If the organizing committee has ideas for another panelist with interesting applications (except Twitter), we would welcome a fifth panelist (especially someone from continental Europe).