Guidelines for Presenters

Presenters and session Chairs should be at the allocated session room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their session.

The presentation time allocated to each presenter will vary according to the number of presentations scheduled for each session.

  • 3 presenters: 18 min for each presentation + 25 min for open floor discussion at the end of the session
  • 4 presenters: 15 min for each presentation + 20 min for open floor discussion at the end of the session
  • Workshops with more than 4 presenters: Please contact your workshop organizer

We kindly request you to use your time efficiently and comply with the instructions of your Chair which are designed to help us begin and end sessions on time.  Most importantly, be considerate of your fellow speakers. They also need the time allotted to them to present their paper. Session chairs are advised to present to you a yellow card, five minutes before your presentation time is up. A red card means: “please end your presentation immediately”.

There will be a beamer in every seminar room (the standard connection to the beamer is VGA).

As we have observed at many international conferences, participants increasingly prefer to use their own computers for presentations to avoid problems with software compatibility. We support this and would ask you to use your own computer for presenting your work. We do also provide a small number of computer s in case “your own device” is not available.

There will be student assistants around close to the seminar rooms. Please look for the people wearing white/purple conference t-shirts. Please let them know as early as possible if you should need to loan a computer or if you should need an adaptor for your own device. Our assistants will be happy to help!