T1-WS1: Workshop: Industrial relations towards 2030

6 September 2019, 11:00–12:30
6 September 2019, 15:00–16:30

Organiser: David Foden


Workshop: Industrial relations towards 2030

Discussion with:
Christian Welz, Eurofound
Agnes Akkermann, University of Groningen and Radboud University
Guy Van Gyes, KU Leuven
Maria da Paz Campos Lima, University Institute of Lisbon, DINÂMIA’CET – IUL
Oscar Molina, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona


The objective of the meeting is to present and debate recent Eurofound research on industrial relations (in particular, quantitative analysis of industrial relations to compare national IR systems and explore national clusters); and to explore the prospects for collective industrial relations in Europe in the next decade with academic and other experts. The context for the proposal is the commitment in Eurofound’s work programme to publish a “Flagship” report in 2020, highlighting the work conducted in the field of industrial relations in the four-year programme 2017-20. The workshop would provide feedback on the work in progress.


The workshop would have two main parts. Following introductions, the first part would focus on Eurofound’s research to map, compare and cluster industrial relations systems. This work has identified four “key dimensions” of industrial relations (industrial democracy, competitiveness, social justice and the quality of work and employment) established a set of indicators and identified data sources to measure national systems using this framework and to develop a typology of industrial relations systems as a basis for comparison across countries and over time. Findings will be presented, commented and discussed .

The second part of the workshop would address possible future developments in collective industrial relations. Following a brief presentation of preparations for Eurofound’s Flagship report on IR, an expert panel would discuss scenarios for the next ten years (erosion/managed decline; collapse; rejuvenation). The panel would be structured around topics such as the representativeness of IR actors and the role of new actors, innovation in collective bargaining, the role of public authorities, and whether we will see convergence or divergence in Europe. This would be followed by open discussion.


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